From Scaler to RC

how to transfer chords from Scaler to Rapid Composition? I tried to directly pull and drop but it didn’t recognize. Or does it have to pull just right towards the program? Or is this even possible? How can I play with these two programs? I prefer to design chord cycles with Scaler because it’s clear and easy, but I’d like to use those chord cycles in RC.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for.
This is just a quick test to see if drag and drop works from Scaler to RC. Windows 10

In RC, Settings - VSTi page, I used the Add button to navigate to where I have the Scaler2.dll

On the RC track, bring up the Track properties window and set the Instrument to Scaler 2

Click the plugin icon on the track to bring up Scaler 2
Load or build your chord progression
I used D minor scale from section B or section C, and lasso the chords and drag them to RC Master Track

I drag and drop a Fingerpicking Generator on the track and when I play back I hear Scaler 2’s Felt Piano.


I managed to pull the chords straight from the scaler. the problem is that the RC doesn’t automatically figure out what scale it belongs to, etc. maybe i’ll try that your way.

It is a real problem for me to make videos.
In my configuration, I have to choose between working by hearing what I do or having a configuration for videos. I discussed this a long time ago, and although Yorkeman and other colleagues gave me solutions, I have really had to choose, and I prefer to work well hearing what I work before the other, since I can extract the audio, which is what really matters. But I will try to make a video showing some of the things that can be done from RC to a DAW, and, above all, through Scaler.
I’m currently running a template in Reaper that uses RapidComposer and passes the various midi channels to: Channel 1: Scaler (which in turn passes its output to ChordPotion, with 12 possible interpretations from what Scaler sends, hehehe), and to Channel 2 : Arpeggiated to other VSTi; and with Channel 3: Solo Cello directly from RC with a Melody Generator or a Markov Generator on RC
I guess this is not of general interest, but I’m mentioning it because it’s what I currently do, and I like it, and maybe it can also help in the configuration of inputs and outputs for others.

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I’ll wait with interest. RC is a very creative program based on minimal usage. The only downside is that it is a bit confusing and difficult to use.

This is one of the ways Rapid Composer can be connected with Scaler and ChordPotion.
Sorry for the poor audio quality. My only interest is that they see the possibilities of this configuration. Of course it can be done in more ways. I look forward to suggestions. And I wish you like it. Thanks for watching my videos.