Get Scaler to record chord notes in FL

Has anyone figured out a way to get FL to record the midi notes generated from Scaler that does not include dragging in the the chord set pattern?

Also, is it technically possible to enable KEY LOCK so that I could play a melody in a scale but also have only the notes that are triggered be the ones that are actually recorded?

I feel like I’ve mulled over several hours of videos and have stil come up empty

As a one step - record as you play - process? No, FL doesn’t do that. What you can do is:

  1. Record your performance in Scaler “normally” hitting record button (you get those one-note chords of corse)
  2. Use ‘Burn to MIDI’ as explained in this video: BURN MIDI - Record Midi Output From Any Midi Generator (Chord / Scale VST) Into the Piano Roll - YouTube

Not ideal but does the job.

I did eventually figure that out, and apparently there IS a way to actually record the notes in real time using a separate midi driver. It was cool but the workaround is more complicated than just burning the midi and then copying it to the appropriate track