Gibran Alcocer VST Piano

What VST can I get to sound like a piano like the one Gibran Alcocer uses?

I was listening to some Gibran Alcocer songs and I really liked the piano he uses. What VST was used in these songs?

And how could I configure one to sound like his?

Idea 10: Gibran Alcocer - Idea 10 - YouTube
Idea 1: Gibran Alcocer - Idea 1 - YouTube

He may be using a real piano because why wouldn’t he? But to answer your question I think you could get close with Noire by Native Instruments. The artist is using a felt damped piano with a lot of emphasis on the mechanical noises of the piano. All of those can be adjusted on Noire. Woodchester piano is good choice as well.
Noire is on sale right now. Keys : Noire | Komplete

Woodchester Piano. Woodchester Piano for Kontakt Player | Fracture Sounds

Here is a link to a composer forum I hang out on where they discuss this with the OP going for Noire. Best Felt Piano? | VI-CONTROL