Give Scaler an e-hand and put your hands on the Strum-GS 2 guitar

After about 1 year using Scaler I think I drained the trick series with this simple one

I also found that I collected tons of “proof of concepts” that are essentially stuff without rhyme or reason to throw in the rubbish bin (and many were thrown already), and just a few can be used

Moreover, I realized that I must study instruments, instead of just fumbling with them, if I want to improve my keyboard-player skills

On the other hand I want still have fun, so I think I’ll use hybrid workflows from now, and the picture below shows what I mean

Scaler 2.4 handles the “e-fingers” feeding chords, that fall in the blue area using Voice Grouping C3-B4 + MIDI Polysher, while my hands play notes, arpeggios, etc in the red area

More or less the same workflow will be used for the Hammond, with the difference that Scaler will feed the accompaniment, and I’ll exercise my hands on solos just using an Ableton scale

This because the Scaler’s Keys-Lock option still have some issue that I am unable to cope with; for example, a stop on solos notes at the passage from a chord to another that is quite a problem when you want long notes that cover 2 or 3 chords

Hi - can I ask what the function of MIDI Polysher is in a set-up like this?

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Hi Malcolm

MIDI Polysher lets you do many interesting things, but I use 2 only

1 - to transpose playable keys one note after the other until I hear some interesting sound
2 - to stop Scaler hitting a wrong key, e.g. the AAS Strum-GS key that stops all sounds, or any of the keys in the red areas that change the patterns; this because the Scaler Voice Grouping C3-B4 is not enough, and some note can fall in the wrong place anyway

The same applies to Broomstick Bass when I use it to stop Scaler hitting any key that change the patterns, so I can have the bass playing just the pattern I prefer

Here you see a screen-shot of MIDI Polysher and more info about its use,

Thanks Claudio. I am using Cubase so it already has midi transpose and range tools as you pass midi from one track to another.

I can’t see how to enable midi out on Strum-GS2 though. When I load the VST Cubase is not giving a midi out from the plugin. Any ideas - I can’t find a reference to midi out in the manual?

Ableton has a transpose tool as well, but MIDI polysher is all WYSIWYG, i.e. simpler for me poor mousier

I can’t see how to enable midi out on Strum-GS2 though. When I load the VST Cubase is not giving a midi out from the plugin. Any ideas - I can’t find a reference to midi out in the manual?

If you mean the “output from Scaler to AAS Strum-GS”, you’ll see following the link I dropped
If not, let me know

No I mean how to get midi out of GS-2 - I saw what you initially posted on using EZBass with Scaler with GS-2 in the middle to “tidy up” the chords, and was trying to do the same.

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Ah, OK!

In Ableton no track is set to send something particular, but all send to Master
All lies in each instrument “receiving” something

AAS Strum-GS receives from Scaler
EZbass receives from AAS Strum-GS
then click Record

You can’t. You’re stuck with the internal sounds I’m afraid.

what is “internal sound”?
Maybe something related with Cubase?

Last time I tried strum, I wanted to route the midi to a different VST, but I couldn’t get any midi out from Strum. As far as I could tell, it just generates sound and not individual string hits that could be routed to something else.

Sure, in that meaning there is no sound out

Have you tried to D&D the loop, and scheme to obtain something?

I preferred AAS Strum-GS because it’s not sampled, then very good for my weak PC
so the fact there is no MIDI out is useless in my case

Claudio and Ben - thanks. I get it now. Claudio has been routing audio from GS-2 into EZBass and EZ Bass is recognising the chords from the audio. I had mistakenly assumed it was midi going from GS-2 to EZ Bass.

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Yeah, it’s a shame really. It would be great if it had midi out.

Wait a minute that I am doing a test to see if you can drive another plugin with one trick

Been there, tried it, f**ked it off mate. :wink:

Last chance

Put hand on a Scaler scale, with this routing and Strum GS in Loop mode, and click Record

Scaler-State_2021-06-17_224044.xml (7.5 KB)

You’ll see a series of chords and a melody

Cattura 2

Now go to the other Ableton view and move the recorded track onto a MIDI track, and D&D the loop from the Strum-GS interface onto another guitar

Now set this routing

You should hear the same series of chords and melody on the other guitar
This guitar is an Ableton basic instrument, so maybe using another plugin the result is better: who knows?

I’ll have to see if I could implement this in Cubase. Thanks for the info :+1:t2:

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you are welcome
and if you like, search in the forum for “AAS Strum-GS” and other useful tips may jump out, for example:
Scaler feeding both chords and riff in AAS Strum-GS - Part I, II and III