Global transpose?

Hey gang, I keep looking for a global transpose button for easy octave jumps of the entire plugin. Does it exist? Couldn’t find anything in the manual.

When controlling external VSTs it would be a big time saver compared to, for example, having to close scaler and open up the VSTs to use THEIR global transpose. Seems like a MIDI controller plugin should have this feature, so I feel like I’m just missing it.


At this time, Scaler does not have this. Perhaps in the future. However, most DAWs have easy ways to transpose the MIDI signal from Scaler to the VI. It’s on the instrument track in Cubase, Ableton has a simple transpose MIDI plugin, etc. There is a free plugin called MIDIpolysher that works well and has been discussed here.

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Ah, I see. Maybe I’m using this plugin differently than others, but to me this seems like an essential function in the use of scaler as a workflow speed tool - time spent needing to open another tool or settings menu in order to change the midi from what is already a midi control plugin seems like a waste. Oh well, I guess things will be slower working with this than I had hoped.

Of course you can transpose the pads under edit. Choose EDIT lasso select all pads in Pattern and transpose by semi-tone and / or octave. You can do that for each pattern but not all patterns at once.
As far as the plug-in between Scaler and the VI it’s extremely fast and easy to do depending on your DAW. Which DAW do you use?

I’m in pro tools, so I can use the built in MIDI realtime settings on the track, it’s just a bit slower than it would be in plugin. Thanks for the lasso idea, it might be a few clicks but at least it’s doable within Scaler!


If you select all your patterns and then go to the EDIT page you can transpose all the chords by octaves. You can also transpose by semitones so to transpose from C major to D major select your pattern or patterns and transpose up 2 semi tones or down 10.

I keep looking for a global transpose button for easy octave jumps of the entire plugin. Does it exist? Couldn’t find anything in the manual.

yes. No. I mentioned earlier that it should be added.
Because I have seen it in BIAB, it is very convenient.

If you want to transpose a preset chord sequence before you load it into a pattern you can use the button next to the sequence in Sectino A

If you want to transpose a pattern or patterns you have created in Section C select the pattern(s) and use the transpose buttons on the EDIT page

Note that having slected a pattern you only have to click on one transpose buton (+ or -) and the whole pattern is transposed.

These options are very flexible, but flexibilbity can have a price: it may mean two clicks instead of one.

Global transpose seems very simple to implement and would be extremely useful. I’ve been using it with Cthulhu nearly 10 years now as it’s lightning fast to adapt existing progressions/presets to the project key.

While it would be a nice touch, the displayed chord names don’t even need changing, just +/- x semitones to the output. Sure we can do this with tools outside of Scaler, but the same can be said for many other features too.

Global transpose in semi-tones would be really nice! Especially if you can also trigger the transpose via MIDI. I can imagine that this can come in handy when playing live as an instrument, without pre-preparing.

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