Good job with the Scaler 2.3.0 Update


Thanks for the terrific update. Some key elements of the UI were addressed and the new “riffs” are very interesting. I’ve not yet explored the new chord sets, but look forward to that.

Thanks for all the hard work that went into making this happen.

Installation was problem free.


Thanks @1stInversion and good to hear some positive feedback. Ed and the DEVS have identified (with the help of this community) two remaining issues which we are keen to push out a point update very soon to resolve. The riffs are designed to be less melodic and more for trance / tech / acid / pop / synth and guitar. I love them and have used them lots! Hope you get something out of them.


Great update! Love the riffs for guitar stuff. With the right chords I can even get some prog stuff going on.


Cheers to this! Great work Scaler team!


Hi, has 2.3.0 been released? The download version from Plugin Boutique still shows 2.2.0?


Under updates, PB shows “2.3.0”.

can you explain better?

I was using some 11th and 13th chords with a couple of the riffs and it immediately took on a prog rock vibe. With the right progression and guitar sound it would be very cool.

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I’ll do a look, thanks

maybe I can add a different workflow for my GS Strum 2 that I’m testing these days with Scaler, where the latter send chords, and GS Strum 2 (in Guitar mode) matches them with its riff giving interesting results