Green keys limited to a few

Hi, I noticed that green keys, those that I use for soloes & melodies let me use only a few notes for each chords, not all them: is it normal or I set wrongly something?

for example, here the xml of Experimentaler Scaler-State_2020-10-14_011037.xml (7.7 KB)

I have apparently a dozen of green keys, but about half of them are mute or give the same note

It is normal for the sequence to repeat, afaik.

Correct. Chord notes only allow the notes of the chord you trigger repeated in octaves so if you play C Major it will lock to C,E,G across octaves. Chord tones (extensions) will play C, E, G, B, D, A repeated across octaves.

I’ll survive to this shortage of notes

BTW I just complete the migration of my files from Ableton to Reaper
quite boring ouch, but now crashes are way less common
one day or another I’ll buy a dedicated PC for music