Greetings Scaler Community

Greetings Scaler Community,

I’m new to Scaler 2 and loving it.

Thanks to all who worked to make this what it is. The GUI is elegant and practical. I’m still learning Scaler, but find it a pleasure to work with. It’s a dream world of scales and chords. All the features seem very workable and I like the novel way the Performances are presented. The Songs and Artists contributions are rather daunting. I’m enjoying exploring them. Thanks to all the artists who participated in the effort. Great stuff. It’s an an honor to have the good bones you put down here available in the program.

I have a few questions I don’t see immediately answered by the OM; I’ve noticed a few little issues; as I get more into Scaler I may have some suggestions and requests for future development, but I’ll post about those in appropriate forums in time.

I used Cubase Pro 10 and guitar is my primary instrument. I play Jazz and many other styles.

Thanks, again, for this wonderful and musical, music creation system.

All the best,



Welcome @1stInversion
Thanks for the kind words Stephen, you will find the creators and team behind scaler lurking intently in this forum and on behalf of them we appreciate all feedback good or bad.

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