GSi Mini Orchestra - A little gem

Hi there

I just found a cheap and simple orchestral plugin, GSi Mini Orchestra, that is way better to play than BBC Discovery

It is developed by Guido Sconamiglio the same folk who made the amazing Hammond replica

I am also testing his Solo Trumpet that seems way easier to play than Sounpaint’s or East West ones

By that I imagine you mean that you have less things to change ?

For me, BBC SO costs less (EUR 0), but has a nice range of articulations on things like strings. Plus, for example, rather than just composite ‘woodwinds’, it offers separate piccolo, flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. In essence, you are paying 50 Euros for something which is simpler to set up and use.

I can’t speak the sound, as I haven’t tried it, but a priori, BBC SO has more scope for orchestrating the instruments.

I recently bought Divisimate, and that is great for managing the physical orchestration of BBC SO, for which they have a template for Live. It triggered me to cough up GBP 99 to get Spitfire Originals Orchestra, which after a quick fiddle seems to be really good for cinematic stuff, and should work well with Divisimate.

On the other hand, knowing how you Jam, I can see fiddling with BBC SO may well stretch your patience considerably…

You got it