Guitar chord enhancements

Are there any near-term updates to the guitar chord section? e.g. I noticed that the first option of the very typical chord C7 would be possible to take a lower fingerboard on the guitar, which is also commonly used. This is just one example, but I think there are many more similar flaws.

Don’t know if you want to spend $50 but i use ChordWizard 2.5 Gold and free download Loopbe midi to get it into my DAW. All chords, inversions, diagrams, scales, custom chords, ect. Scaler detects and works correctly with it. Use 1/2 screen for DAW and 1/2 for ChordWizard.

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I really don’t want to use that program or actually you mentioned two different programs. The question was about Scaler.

Yes @Hulkko We are looking at this now and hopeful of getting some updates to the charts in 2.8

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