Guitar fretboard colors issues

Hi, i don’t understand the color code on the guitar fret board, low saturation blue, high saturation blue and letters in blue without boxes, and greyed not i assume those are not from the scale, in this case and Fmaj.

Would really appreciate knowing how to read those. Thank’s in advance

HI @Aspen

are the notes in the chord (the exact MIDI notes). In the screenshot (C3, A2, F2) are highlighted at all the positions they can be played on the guitar.

are the same notes but at the different octaves. You can see “C2” is represented in this color because it is not in the chord.

are the notes of the scale and the greyed out are not in the scale.

The idea behind the fretboard view is to show where the notes are on the neck so you can decide how you want to play it on the guitar.

I hope this helps,


thank you very much for the details. have a good week.