{Guitar} Relatively new Scaler + guitar video

I have just reinstalled my Line 6 xPod Pro modelling pre-amp into my rack following a New Year resolution to pick up my Ibanez RG again. In trying to figure out the best way to use Scaler with this, I came across a relatively new video by one of @davide 's men at School of Synthesis, which may be of interest to non-serious guitarists like me


Yes, one of the best scaler/guitar videos out there. I learned a lot from it. Even with non guitar songs!

Very good. Thanks for sharing. I got Scaler a couple of months ago and haven’t really tried it yet. Looks quite complicated but this vid is very helpful.

Have you checked out @davide videos on YouTube?

Hi Ed. I’ve watched a couple but the ones I’ve seen so far start off as though you’re already familiar with Scaler as opposed to “welcome idiot” which is what I need :slight_smile: But I’ll keep looking. I’m sure there’s a complete beginners vid in there somewhere.

Here is one about writing a track that Davide did that is quite good.

I think it’s worth factoring in that Scaler is used in many different ways. For example, many people play keyboards and maybe jam along to Scaler. Others like me don’t play keys; that means I don’t really use a chunk of functions in there. ( I still have to explore what a ‘green key’ is…)

So a good starting point is to set out what it is you want to do musically, and then try any map that against the various parts of Scaler. The bits you don’t want you can ignore in the first instance. The level of your musical theory knowledge also might have a slight influence of elements you might use (maybe forget Neo-Riemannian in the first instance). Another aspect is whether or not you want to mostly work in Scaler, or largely work within a DAW.

This approach might help you to be more selective in which videos you tackle, and then you can work incrementally to become familiar with the bits of scaler you want.

THIS is closer to what I needed to see. Thanks. The Guitarists Guide was irritating to watch.