Guitar Vocings

Re: Guitar vocings

The Drop voicings are great, but if I just select “Guitar Vocing” all the chords are in the upper register with most notes sounding above, note C3 or so? Do I have that right? I’m still just digging into the new options and like what’s there. Again, great job with this update.

Starts by moving the 3rd an Octave above, just like Open Voicing but changes when you add extensions. What I like about this mode is is puts in in range of most Guitar Libraries like where I’m triggering Picked Acoustic in the 2.5 video.

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I see. It’s logical to have made Scaler Guitar be, to a degree, optimized for use with such instruments. I’ll adapt my workflows to this. I’m looking forward to exploring the Guitar vocings further. It’s great to have these options in the program.