Guitarist not getting their fare share !❤️😎

What a awesome product this has become and phenomenal tool I cover this that I’m a guitarist. And play keys out of necessity ( I do have a Tripleplay ! )

I’ve noticed the guitar side of the product and can see the promise if you could put in the amount of features

I honestly believe it would be the ultimate tool for music composition

I’ve had a brief response about a world class guitarist being involved in future developments
And really excited and can’t wait to see what comes forward

I currently use Guitar Toolkit which nearly every Guitarist I know has and uses regularly

If you could integrate this apps amazing feature set you’d have the perfect set of tools in one app !

I look forward to seeing what you can achieve !

Love scaler :sunglasses:


I noted this awhile ago. With the piano section it’s the incredible awesome experience that people have been looking for for years.On the guitar side even the fret board is missing. I really believe that with this amount of talent behind the wheel given time they will.get to it. Think positioning, inversions, slash chords, ect. and it gets kinda complex. They may even have to change the entire concept and have a separate system combined with the current one to really get ti right. I hope our patience will be rewarded. I, too, love the current scaler Great job so far!


We’re getting there… it’s always been delayed because we couldn’t focus on it completely. There’s a lot of work between the new screens and new modes for the fretboard, plus the support for new voicings.

Scaler grew a lot and a “better guitar integration” became a bigger list of features as well. We want to get the whole ecosystem to make sense and integrate the functionalities instead of splitting them into multiple tools.


I’m happy to read this

Any updates previews ! I’d you need a beta testa !

Me again. If you route Scaler out midi to AAS strum or even better a Musiclab Realguitar instrument the chords are correct and transposed correctly, all inversions included. For good strumming the same, try Ample guitar also for that.