Hanging Note (not in blue, but scaler still display the name of the notes like they were being Held)

Hello, I am on windows 11, cubase 12 pro. I configure my scaler 2 to receive data from “Arturia Keylab Essential61” with “acoustic feedback enabled” so that when I am jamming on my other vsts, I have a window of scaler open on my side screen to see what I am currently playing.

After playing chords, with sustain pedal, I almost always got hanging notes. No notes is stuck on blue, but they still show under "Notes : " and "Chords : "


Hi @walimaga

there is a setting in Scaler to choose how to handle the “sustain” messages. You can either apply them in Scaler or pass them through.

Check in the side menu:

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 3.27.46 pm

You can press the MIDI button at the top of the Scaler window to clear all the stuck notes as well.