Has anyone used Scaler to generate midi that can be used to make DRUM beats?

Scaler is focused on Melody, but I wonder if anyone out there is using Scaler to produce Rhythmic performances for drum parts ?

And if so, whats a good way of doing it?

Some do…check out. : Try out Scaler for percussion!

there are other threads as well

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Another post is this one for a rock tune :grinning: :drum: :oil_drum:


It’s a novel idea. I’d try it by assigning Scaler to play a drum kit instrument and see what kind of random things come up. What you could do is take a rhythm you like record it with whatever pitches show up, then re-map those notes to better choices in the drum kit. While it would be a lot of work, with “Transforms” in Cubse, each pitch could be re-mapped to a different note…I’m sure other DAWs have similar or better functions. I’ve done things like this and it can yield interesting sounds. If you took a Scaler bass line it would be easy to get a drum part that was locked with it. Lots of possibilities.

In Ableton it’s really simple, and fun
You add a Drum Rack (Ableton has a lot) and you put a midi pitch in front of it. The Scaler output to the input of the Drum Rack and you adjust the midi pitch and Scaler performances until it sounds the way you want


That’s nice. In Cubase you can have Input Note and Output Note so, creating a map is possible but Ableton might have an even easier way to do all that. That said, the OP suggests an interesting, potentially useful idea for using Scaler.

You can also put a MIDI Polysher in front of it: so you can change the pitch, and even stopping certain notes, something I think that can be called mapping
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I’ve got Reaper - I’m sure somethig similar can be done there

If Scaler can be told to output a rhythmic performance, and then make those midi notes all one pitch value (e.g. C2), then the trick would be to apply intelligent velocity (not just random velocity) to those C2 notes. Its the velocity that will make it unique and interesting, not just the rhythm.
In reaper there is a midi tool which might make it interesting for me.

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