Having an absolute blast with Multi Out and Live Synch working together!

OK…I swore to myself that I’d hold my comments for a few weeks and let all the noise settle, but from Buchla Easel IV and Pigments to the Mai Tai and TR 808, I’m having a blast and I’ve only had 2.7 for a few hours.

Enabling multi out and splitting multiple Scaler instances into 6 channels (all +5), and then combining them with Live Synch creates all kinds of wild combinations. Add to this the power of auto play and the ability to switch almost any setting while playing and, the possible exploration paths are ridiculously fun! Try mixing in some synths sequence patches and dropping effects on individual channels. Boom!

Another huge advantage is how easy it is to isolate midi from a particular perform mode. No more going back into a midi recording and locating a particular part of a performance to pull it out. Now, there is a good chance you can just record the channel that has the notes you are interested in. This gets even more interesting when you feed performances into performances.

Only scratched the surface but loving it. And thanks for fixing Play Quantize!

Thanks Team!


Nice one @TMacD Without meaning to sound totally partial I couldn’t agree more. These two features are making it really integral to my workflow now. Just seems to expand everything.