Hello friends - the latest "Old Bits" presentation is up

Five of these six pieces aided by Scaler. Almost ten mins in length, so no hard feelings if you’re not interested or don’t make it through.

I do believe I need to start taking mixing and mastering more seriously - not particularly happy with this mix.
The Old Bits, Chapter 9: England 2015

I hope my friends here are all well and creatively inspired.


It seems to me that you improved the musical technique, and the matching between shoots and music
so Bravo (or brave, due to the topic :crossed_swords:)

mix & max is hard indeed, and I am just scratching the surface with my Izotope’s so I cannot give advice about it

Thanks for watching and for the feedback, Claudio !

It’s a challenge to state, develop and resolve a piece of music in 1:30. :slight_smile: (Unless it’s purely ambient…) I’d like to compose a single, 10m piece for the next one, roughly but not rigidly aligned to the images.

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Very good.
As for tools for mixing and mastering, I recommend that you do not stop acquiring (FREE) the Plugin Alliance FX (before the 26th). I love them.

Thank you for sharing this great work, David

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I think the video is very good … and the sounds have the right atmosphere for the subject matter. How are your plans going to possibly visit England in 22 ?

Thanks for the kind words.

We are booked !! Arrive Heathrow midday 6/18, drive up to York 6/19, few days up there, then outside Hexham for a few days, then Cambridgeshire for a few days, then back to London and on a plane the next morning.

Be aware that Heathrow sacked multiple workers when COVID hit, and got caught out by the removal of restrictions. There have been having difficulties trying to hire, train and get security clearance for new workers, and COVID is still pretty widespread here.
There have been huge queues coupled with IT breakdowns. Hopefully, this will get cleared substantially by June, but I’d Google “heathrow queues” or something when journey planning within in the UK.

Also, no withstanding that there are no mask mandates there are at least 30,000 new infections per day and 20,000 hospitalised. I’d recommend wearing FFP2 masks in confined spaces (US N95 standard)

So take care, and have a fantastic trip !!

Thx - We will be watching as things develop. Airlines are dropping their mask mandates - we may wear one anyway, despite being triple-vaxxed now and likely quad-vaxxed by then. We’re somewhat accustomed to inhuman queues at Heathrow (especially at Immigration), and upon arriving (at least), it’d be more an inconvenience than a vacation imperilment. For the journey back, when we have a flight to catch, that may be a different matter.

If you’re available and so inclined, we’d be happy to meet up for a pint or coffee/tea when we get there.