Help for those with failing eyesight please

This is not really a new feature request but rather to make some improvements and adjustments for those with failing eyesight. I struggle to see small writing on screens even with my glasses on. When looking at the parent scales ( scale details) in the small/micro small information tabs I have 2 criticisms. The first is that it is far too small to be functional. The second is that it does not stay on long enough to study before it disappears. I would find it more useful if it was much larger and stayed on as long as necessary. Studying these information tabs helps you learn both how the chords of the scale are constructed or information about the mode and from which scale it was initially derived from. Both of these are key bits of info useful for understanding of modes, scales and chord construction but because of the problems viewing this information effectively it can be a bit disheartening. It can be a bit frustrating and embarrassing having to get right on top of the screen with your nose almost touching it to actually be able to read it and then it suddenly disappears again.

Please be kind to us with failing eyesight and short tempers that often come with age.


100% supporting your message - accessability is not Scaler’s strong point. In my case it is contrast - light font on dark background is blurry for me. Sure I can increase font size in Scaler settings and improve contrast this way but, well, it’s a workaround - light theme would reeeeealy help me :slight_smile:

This has been a repeated theme, so I’m sure that Davide and the team have got this somewhere on the ‘to do’ list.
I guess the goal is finding a scheme which assists the greatest number of people to work efficiently without eye strain. In the UK, more or less every new house has its internal walls painted in a colour which has been dubbed ‘builders beige’, the purpose of which is to offend as few people as possible as opposed to maximising the number who actually like it.
Computer colour schemes are a bit like that, IMHO.

I totally agree, but I suspect there are development issues with it
a possible workaround is:

  1. Acquiring “computer lenses” like the one I use in my job (translator) and let me see perfectly at short distance; well, I don’t use Zeiss but the cheaper Hoya lenses :wink:
  2. Using the Microsoft Windows Magnifying tools

Always :laughing:.
I have no illusions that such GUI improvement can be done quickly as everybody got caught “with pants down” re: Apple M1 and development priorities are elsewhere now.

Overall, as we have stated many times, there are several areas for improvement with the GUI. We have taken many steps to improve accessibility but given we keep packing new features in some visibility problems have been exacerbated. As a user of most plugins and someone whom also suffers from presbyopia I find it’s a common issue. Nonetheless pleased to say a light skin in on the cards for 2.4 which I think will help and we will do whatever we can to make it better for visibility rather than aesthetic. The longer term roadmap will see us redesign the UI and hopefully improve accessibility and overall UX significantly.