Help switching key from 'songs' chord progressions

I’m kinda new to Scaler and still figuring it out.
I might miss something but when I load a simple song progression (I-V-vi-IV for example) it loads it in C Major by default and I cannot find a way to switch it in F Major easily for example (i would like to have a simple I-V-vi-IV but where the I is F instead of C)

Am I missing something? I’ve watched all video tutorials but couldn’t find any answer

Other than that this tool is awesome and the video tutorials are really really (I mean really) usefull!!!

Thanks a lot for your help
Regards from France

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I hope I understand what you mean.
I’ll try to answer that. I don’t know if it’s right.
It’s just a reference or recommendation.
And the power of scale is to create everything.
You can drag and drop the recommended content to the area you want to create.
For example, drag it from a to C, then edit it, and finally perform live on pad
It’s all wonderful
Wish you have a good time.

Welcome, TheCaptainW.
As Swingmix says, dragging to C and pressing Edit can transform everything, but simply raising 5 semitones will have your progression in F major

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In addition, if you know the number of semitones you want to jump, you can right-click on the control and select the number of semitones directly. So choosing 5 will move your chord set so it starts with an F.

For a graphic display of the controls check page 23 of the manual.

Hope this helps.



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Welcome @TheCaptainW & @MrCrumbly
And you can also click on the lock and force into any scale


^^^^^^^^ Above ^^^^^^^
That’s the quickest way.

OMG, it was so simple and right in front of me…
I can swear I tried about everything and was one step away from trying human sacrifice…

Thanks a lot for your help and willingness to help me with such a trivial problem. Scaler is awesome and has so much horsepower that I didn’t see this button…

Best regards everyone

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This is the answer I was looking for! thanks so much :slight_smile: