Help with Mechanics in Scaler 2.7.2

Scaler Users:

MacBook M1 laptop, Logic Pro 10.7.7, Rosetta, Monterey 12.6.3.

I have some basic operational issues that are frustrating my ability to use this software, killing my workflow, and I’m new to it. Here we go:

  1. I drug a sample into Scaler in F#min. It did not identify the key or the chord progression correctly (some form of lydian, and I want it as natural minor. The progression is basically in Gm although the second chord is an Gbdim (F#dim) and there is an Ab in it as well. As a result it misidentified the scale to reconcile the chords “out of key” (see above) and mislabeled them as well. I’d like to edit the names of those chords correctly.
  2. I wanted to edit the A section and transpose it up 1/2 step since the project will be in Gm. The online manual refers to a semitone button to the left of the chords in A section. That button does not exist and has been replace by midi and audio detect. Anybody know how to transpose the entire A section up one half step before I proceed? The manual is clearly referring to an earlier version and is incorrect.
  3. I transposed the sample in LPX, but Scaler can’t read the audio file from LPX, it’s needs it loaded in from outside the software? I transposed the sample in LPX, bounced it, and drug the bounce to the desktop, and then into scale. That works, but it’s three extra steps. I take it Scaler can’t read an Apple loop?
  4. Next, I lifted the chord progression on piano and played it manually into Scaler and captured the midi. Again it misidentified key signature information, i.e. in Gm the third chord is shown was A#/E# which should read Bb/F in two flats and other as above.
  5. I know the chord progression and understand the chords that are out of key, can somebody share with me how to manually enter the chord progression I want here from the sample in Section A? I have a B.S. in music (theory up the hoop), I can label it properly if it will allow me to do so.
  6. And last, my chord progression is longer than 8 chords in my 8 bars from the sample (just in this section it’s four bars of antecedent and four bars of consequent). How do I get all the chords to be seen together in Pattern 1 or link Pattern 1 to Pattern 2? This will be important to generating different bass lines, melodies, arpeggios etc.

Thank you sincerely for your guidance. I appreciate the help. I’m sure I’ll get this if I keep trying.

Greg A.