Help with understanding with not a lot of music theory

I am using cubase and have got a nice chord structure in scaler 2, I like to pen in the chords on a chord Chanel in cubase, but I am having difficulty understanding some of the meanings, In particular what does the / mean?

I have a chord that says A maj / E |||m what does the / E part mean?

thank you in advance for any info, I do understand it might be simple to a lot off people but I cannot for the life of me find info on it.

Hi @Klavar welcome to the forum

the / notation represents an inversion. (ie: the lowest note of the chord is not the one you would normally expect.)

“A maj / E” is an “A major” chord but the bass note is an E instead of an A. You would normally play an A as the bass because the chord name starts with A

Ah That makes sense, Thank you for your time on this

All the best


Also, in Edit you can choose the type of inversion for each chord

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