Here's a chill piece done with Scaler 2.5 and Unify

Done with Scaler 2.5 and Unify.

All midi was from Scaler.


I just posted this video.
The Lost Piano - YouTube
Everything comes from a progression in Scaler 2.5
The original video is from
It is a perfect resource that I recommend to put your music to creative videos, which in turn stimulate my own creativity, with the help of Scaler (as I said)
And this is the Scaler progression file that I used for all the music
The Lost Piano.xml (71.7 KB)


Very nice piece. And thanks for the idea. I’ll try myself something on that site.

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Starbirth: Very nice piece. I think it can sound even better if some of the low frequencies were not masking the other instruments as much. I have just been playing with iZotope Neutron advanced, and it helps quite a bit in this regard.

Funny, I chose the same chord progression for a song that I have been working on, except my song is using a triplet feel rhythm.