Hidden windows stop the music

I think to remember this is an old issue, maybe still unfixed?

I have e.g. 3 Scaler instances in loop
If all 3 Scaler instances are visible, the show goes on
If I close any of them the music driven by that instance stops, why?

Having just 2 average monitors, the option to close all Scaler windows that have patterns already completed, like I do with all other plugins of mine, without stopping the music, could be very comfortable

Do you have Scaler playing it’s internal sounds? I’ve had it do what you are saying only if it’s internal sounds were set to off and it was only sending MIDI to other tracks. If I turned it’s internal sounds on it would be fine.

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Hi Jamie
I never use internal sounds, so we can say it’s a bug of Scaler output
I hope @Ed1 will be able to fix this issue for jamming fans that own small monitors
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But do you have the sounds set to OFF or just muted.

Sounds are OFF by default, and I have the issue fo any hidden instance, nevertheless it is muted or not

Try turning the sounds back on and see what happens. For me it would not play unless the sounds were turned on. I used to have them off by default as well but has to change it and just mute the track.

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OK, I’ll do the same, putting the track to zero in volume

Nevertheless, I hope that devs fix this issue because one Scaler instrument means more RAM sucked without any use to me

Did that help turning the sounds on?

I don’t know because I usually to my musical mess in the evening
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