High-pitch notes using Keys-Lock

Hi there

I think I saw another query close to it, but unsure

I am trying to do a Wakeman solo (that is already hard by itself :cold_face:) with Minimonsta (but it happens with other plugins) and I noticed that quite often a distant note is added in the high end, as in the screen-shot below where the note I really play is on the left (red semi-circle) while the high-pitch note is the E over the right arrow, and often way beyond up to C6

These high-pitch notes are an eardrum-killers and also stop me doing solos

There is a fix for that?

Is this an issue around the voicing of the chord? If it is a voicing issue, then it may be overcome by either using Voice Grouping, or by editing the chord in the CHORD page.

nope, using Voice Grouping changes nothing, unfortunately

BTW, using Keys-Lock, notes out the range could not be possible, in theory

later I’ll try to put a MIDI Polysher after the plugin, to see if I can stop those high-pitch notes


I am intrigued by this, could you save the state and send it to me via messaging, or upload it here, please?

it happens randomly, and I don’t remember the project it happened into, so I cannot send anything
but as far as I get it, I’ll inform you