Hit Tab Tab to change perform settings focus areas

Maybe obvious to some, but new to me.

I often tweak various perform settings while Scaler is playing (either in midi read, looped playback or while I’m playing keys directly) but find navigating the process a bit awkward.

While I can use the arrow keys (and the new midi map function) to move up and down, left and right within a focused area (A) , until now I always had to use my mouse to select between different focus areas (B) I wanted to adjust.


Today I stumbled on the feature that lets you change focus areas (B) by hitting the tab button twice. Tab Tab → right & Shift Tab Tab → left

Now we have several mechanisms to change Perform settings while Scaler is playing.

  • Command Mapping Recall playback settings - midi or key mapped
  • Command Mapping Next Item / Previous Item (acts like the L & R arrow keys) - midi or key mapped
  • QWERTY arrow keys (for within lists)
  • Tab Tab to move between lists

For those that play with Scaler in this way, maybe one day we will have direct midi access to individual playback/perform settings, until then, this might help a bit.