Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition

Seems like an attractive offer. Gotta think about buying seriously.:thinking::sunglasses:

There are some interesting products inside, but not the best ones. 149$ is maybe not that expensive, especially knowing that iZotope offers crossgrades to the people that already own their products and in that case, you could buy some other bundles with more powerful tools for less. This year I bought through a crossgrade a Tonal Balance Bundle, which includes Nectar 3 Plus, Ozone 9 Advanced and Neutron 3 Advanced, as well as Relay and Visual Mixer . All of them are top products.
I started with “Elements” version and upgraded every time I saw a good price for a good product. :slight_smile:

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what I would be most interested in is the Nectar 3 plus and Neutron 3. problem that if purchased separately it would cost more than that package where you get a few more nice programs on sale.

As this Diamond bundle includes Ozone Standard ans Neutron Standard with some other products, if you buy it, you’ll be able to upgrade to Ozone and Neutron Advanced for not much once there is a sale for these. If I remember well, Nectar 3 Plus is already included. I use Neutron for all my mixing and it is extremely useful, Ozone is my favorite, along with Neutron. Nectar is used much less in my workflow. They are all very good and allow a lot of fine tuning. This will be a good investment, especially for the future upgrades

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have you used Iris2? that also seems to be included in the package.

Yes, I did. Good synth, but I have my favorites so i didn’t play much with it. Break Tweaker is interesting if you want to explore the beats. I used it several times. A bit complex though.