Hollywood Backup Singers discounted

at 119 USD… tempting

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And many others, too.
They have really great instruments and they do work extremely well with Scaler.

do you know if they have a demo?
I have 2 plugins covered by dust in my cellar because they were actually unusable

BTW, a further plugin came in the cellar because the demo worked, while the complete tool crashed, but I was allowed to have a refund at least

So I must check if they allow for a possible refund, in any case

No idea. But as I have a PC very similar to yours and their plugins VST are working fine for me, i am pretty sure you should have no problem.

Ah, ok, there is a difference that you use Ableton, but as it is even more popular than Reaper, no reason for trouble.

BTW, I downloaded the Italian manual to try to understand how difficult is programming vocals (I hate any kind of programming)

The translator seems not Italian mother-tongue and the translation itself is awful :cold_face:
I think I’ll read the English manual instead :grin:

OK; I think this is not the good stuff for me: too much programming and editing involved

I am able to sing, so I would rather buy a tool that changes my colour from male to female, from baritone to basso etc. without making a robot voice like vocoders

I still don’t understand if my Melodyne 5 essential is the answer, but I’ll check it

I don’t think Melodyne Essential is enough for this.
There are maybe other plugins that would do this kind of job.

maybe the Melodyne assistant can do it
in this case I can wait for a rebate :grin:
I’ll try to look some video

I have Assistant but have never tried this kind of job. I can try and let you know.

thanks my friend

BTW, There is a free Heavyocity Nylon Guitar at Foundations Nylon Guitar | Cinematic Guitar | Heavyocity.

Oh, no, it is Kontakt and you hate this :frowning:

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I just tested my Melodyne Essential and I was able to send down and up a whole arrangement :astonished:

so I can use it for some vocal task
I’ll do other tests with my voice only and I’ll let you know

Another great freebie from Heavyocity! I have all 3. The new nylon sounds great and works perfect with Scaler. No Keyswitches to work around.

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Too many K in my PC already

Well, Hollywood singers is still an immature project to me, so I’ll wait that more similar plugins jump out, and easier ones above all

I was also tempted by their Pop brass, but after some reasoning I decided to have more effects for my own voice, and I bought VocalSynth 2 discounted

One of the video I’ve seen let me understand it can be very useful if properly used

Well, I seem to be going in the opposite direction, hehe
I just bought a Native Instruments A49 keyboard that included Komplete 13 on sale for €448. There are many instruments and effects included in Komplete 13 (Kontakt, Reaktor, Rig Guitar, Massive X …), which are also configured to be played with the A49 configuration.
Until now I had an Akai MPK mini keyboard with 25 keys. It works well, but when it came to having chords and being able to improvise it was a problem because I had to constantly change octaves.
Anyway, I don’t get a commission from NI for advertising; I’m just telling you and telling you that the NI summer deals with software when you buy hardware will be open until tomorrow, in case anyone is interested


Welcome in the (almost) Fifty Shades of Grey

well, black + white is a sort of grey after all

I wish to have a larger keyboard, like the Davide one, but I have little space


Ilok system is a deal breaker. When they split from Native Instruments and went cloud based I tried to make the best of it but it was a massive hassle with Ilok. Native Instruments has their own manager so simple , great sounds no third party lock out junk.

I have the same Native package. It has a lot of good instruments and sounds. For some reason, I like Native’s instruments the most.

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can you explain me what is ilok usefulness or advantage?

Some plugins of mine, e.g. Izotope’s, let you select PC or ilok and I always select PC

Where did you find it on sale? I see it on iZotope site f or 199 US and this does not look as discount for me :grinning:

Ok,found it on PB. Great price. Thanks for the information.

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