Hollywood OPUS Orchestrator

The Hollywood Opus library will be available soon and this video shows the Orchestrator which was designed in collaboration with Sonuscore.
The way the chords splits and the Ostinatos, arpeggios, etc. work, I could see Scaler doing some of this someday. Imagine playing chords in Scaler and having the top note go to one location the middle notes to another and the low to another. That would be astounding.
Check it out here — OPUS ORCHESTRATOR


I would love to see some form of creating your own arpeggios and ostinatos in Scaler like in the above orchestrator.

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I suspect it would be possible to route notes by pitch to different locations using MIDI Translator Pro | Bome Software , which I got to pick up sysex from my newly refurbed JD-800, and am just getting to grips with. It was used by Ableton in Push development.
I’ll give it a try.
If you haven’t already tried it, you can have the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing for you for nothing, which uses splits for different sections - it’s free
BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover
If you want to know what this will do, check it out in action with maestro Jordan Rudess (“all hail Dream Theatre”) at Jordan Rudess plays Unify + DiscoverStation for the 1st Time (WOW!) - YouTube
Wow!, is I can say to that.

Thank you for the info. I have BBC Discover as well as many orchestral libraries I’ve collected over the years. I have East West Gold for Play which is the pre cursor to Opus.
Divisimate and Opus Orchestrator have the exact elements for Divisi but Divisimate is $200. Too much for me.
I was mainly looking to show that there are some new things coming out there that would be cool if adapted in some way by Scaler. David has hinted that Divisi is coming I think, so that could be cool.

This is great software and thanks for sharing. We are indeed thinking this way and beyond for the future of Scaler and in a way much of the content we make now will apply. I’m personally very excited about the possibilities and permutations that a future iteration of Scaler will allow.


Outstanding! Looking forward to the future!

i believe we can use UNIFY with its midibox to generate that kind of patterns