Hot Sync? Wish List

When working with multiple instances of Scaler I was thinking about a possible “hot sync” option?

It would apply to some, but not all, settings. What I’d like to is be able to choose which parameters to link for “hot sych.” A few obvious choices:

Pattern Select – Select or Unselect Patterns would do this for All instances included in the a “‘hot sync’ menu”

Playback Timing – Change Timing for Chord in one Scaler changes the Timing for All instances that are “hot synced”

Daw Sync – on/off for all “hot synced” instances.

Chord Edit – Change Chord in one instances, changes chord in all instances.

Those are what I find myself most wishing for. I use sync for Chord Duration alone when Syncing States and that’s great, but I still have to bounce to all instances of Scaler for other things. I sometimes get confused and forget to change a chord type or duration in one instances and not others and all hell breaks lose. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the current work flow as it is but thought this might be something to consider for the future.