HouseEngine by FeelYourSound Announced and Available Soon

As an early tester, I found that you can drag/drop chord progressions from Scaler 2 and reMidi 2 directly into HouseEngine. Very cool feature for further mangling in HouseEngine and DAW. Check it out very soon.

What’s the difference between Houseengine and Chordposition?

I think the big difference is that the author, instead of developing Chordpotion (as he said he was going to do when he sold it to us) has decided to develop another program. I guess to make more money. With me it does not count. Chorpotion is a good program, but the difference between that program and, for example (without going much further) Scaler, is the commitment of the people behind the program. Thank you, Scaler team


yeah, I still struggle with big hyping up a “forthcoming” product. I looked up Houseengine and it’s not avaialble yet? Then why bother advertising…

I’d much rather have @davide hype up Scaler 2.4 in a teaser video 2 weeks before it’s public release, with a track record of blowing-it-out-of-the-water delivery :wink:

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I just discovered this thread here and wanted to reply :).

Differences between ChordPotion and HouseEngine:

ChordPotion: The chords are being sent from the DAW to ChordPotion live. ChordPotion reacts to these chords in realtime and generates new melodies.
HouseEngine: You import your chord progression once. HouseEngine uses the chord progression information to pre-generate melodies.

ChordPotion: You can create your own Patterns in the sequencer and play them back.
HouseEngine: All presets are fixed, you cannot edit anything (a relatively complex scripting engine works in the background to generate the results).

ChordPotion: Works for all genres.
HouseEngine: Especially targeted at House productions. But it works for other (dance) genres as well ;).

Oh, and I just released a new version of ChordPotion today. You can download it at (free update as usual).
New features: Better preset browser, enhanced built-in sound module, up to 512 steps in the sequencer, new input chord effects,…

All the best,
Hauke of FeelYourSound


IMHO, the majority of application product vendors are in the software business and create applications for some other sector. That’s fine. Scaler is, for me, rather different. Davide and team are in the music business but have created an application to serve that business (and which they use themselves for their own work, as I understand it). That’s more unusual, and it’s the reason why us users are lucky; this comes out not just in responsiveness, but in the goals and the implementation thereof, and in the quality of content.
And, as a bonus, as Sound on Sound magazine said in their review in September 2020, it’s ‘cracking value for money’.


If only the plugin name wasn’t “house” and the demo alike

Yeah! I agree, I think that the Scaler team but FeelYourSound as well on their own have provided us with the opportunity to have excellent tools to develop our musical dreams.

Hauke notified me a few days ago that he was working in parallel with House Engine and an update to ChordPotion with improvements, additions and fixes.
Here is today’s announcement on KVR:

Hauke is a skilled developer who works alone independently with not team, he run FeelYourSound completely in his own, not a large or even medium corp or partnership, and from what he has demonstrated to me, he is a very kind and responsive person, who loves to develop music software with the main premise of enjoying it and contributing with his tools to a better music making.

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A few years ago, I was very concerned about his software. I don’t care now.
There are two reasons
First, the update is too slow
Second: too much software

Update received. Thank you

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