How about a Bind Selected Chords option

I often auto populate the entire pad view (56 chords) using Scaler’s midi detect mode on Scaler Performance midi. I then audition sequences with my mouse or using the Preview Selected Chords action.

It would be great if I could also select Bind Selected Chords to let me create bound patterns on the fly.

It could live right here:


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You know you can highlight all patterns and it will automatically bind all of those chords sequentially?

Thanks, yes.

I was hoping to select chords from different patterns, effectively creating a temporary pattern that I could bind.

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According to my tablet, Davide has been posting since 07:00, unless I’ve got the summertime flag wrong … respect :open_mouth:


We work in three time zones down here. It’s also the ‘kids still asleep’ timezone for me! Enables me to get to the studio and be creative during ‘normal office hours’ which for us in OZ means the rest of the world is sleeping!


Understood and thanks for feedback

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