How Bernard Hermann Uses Orchestration To Create Character

Some of you guys were taking about Bernard Hermann style music the other day… got me interested as well, and it just happens so that today Pete was having a stream about the topic…


Cool! Thanks for the link.

Missed this. Didn’t see notice till it was over. Does he put the videos up later after doing a live stream?

the link should show the recording, just jump past the first 1:40 with the static intro screen… How Bernard Hermann Uses Orchestration To Create Character. With Free Study Materials - YouTube

You’re right! Thanks again. This should be interesting. Plus I’ve never seen this guy’s videos and they look interesting.

Pete Calandra is a great educator with an extensive career as a professional musician.
And his composing gigs include NFL and ESPN.

Some of his vids are the master courses he teaches at the Copeland School of Music at CUNY.

Well worth your time spent watching.


On my list for further music education.