How can I get extra synth sounds on iPad

Hello I am user scaler 2 with GarageBand on my iPad. There seems to be about a dozen or so synth sounds to choose from within scaler. How can I add more?

I don’t think it’s possible to add your own sounds directly into Scaler, but to get more synth sounds you can choose from the many third-party, AuV3 synth apps available for iOS and iPadOS and then use Scaler with those inside GarageBand, or any other DAW of your choice. Conversely, have you fully examined Alchemy within GarageBand it comes with a huge library of synth and other instrument presets that could be used with Scaler…

thank you! I guess that’s my question - I can’t figure out how to use my garageband synth sounds in scaler. or do I have to listen to different ones after the fact once I record into garageband?

All you have to do is add Scaler (AuV3 Extension) as a plugin on an Alchemy track and create your chord progression, melody etc as per normal, and you will hear the Scaler material played by whatever Alchemy preset you have selected… I did a quick test to confirm this works.

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