How Can I Import MIDI?


Is it possible to import MIDI chords into Scaler? I’m not seeing this feature and didn’t see this as a feature request when I searched here.


HI @SearlStudio

You can open the MIDI file in your DAW, add Scaler to the track you wish to analyze. Go to the detect tab and press “Start”. Now, press Play in your DAW, Scaler will automatically listen to the midi notes of the track.


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I figured it had to be something simple I was missing. Thanks a bunch!

I like that it is possible, but I hate the workflow :). It is so slow for people like me doing this often. Can anyone add this as a feature request as well as export midi and copy to to clipboard? Adding these features helps to make Scaler with seamless workflows.

Have you just dragged your midi file onto the Scaler UI? It will open it, do a chord detect and populate section A. There is no way (that I am aware of) to use MIDI to build a progression (Section C) directly, but you can capture the chords in section A and go from there.