HOW: Chord (Scaler 2.2) for melody (Logic pro x)

After you get a melody from your midi in logic pro x, what is the best way to get the chords for the melody in scaler 2.2

After voice/ humming sound recorded in logic pro x then how to get the chords in scaler 2.2


Follow your heart and your ears.

Hi John

changing the question a bit, doesn’t change the answer

BTW, I think that trying to convert vocals in chords (or even in a melody) is one of the hardest task for a software; virtually impossible

TLDR; How? Choose the appropriate scale and click on the correct chords for the melody and you’re done. The chords you click on will be in Scaler. If you’re wanting Scaler to pick the correct chords for you, you will have to provide Scaler with more information than just a melody.

luckily enough I have this dictionary otherwise I could be lost in translation

Get scaler to detect the key and scale in which it will then show you the (diatonic) chords belonging to that scale. When a note in your melody hits, play the corresponding chord. Filter out enough chords that you are left with a chord progression that feels nice and goes with the melody. From there, use scale and try performances, melodies, rhythms, phrases etc. hope that helps.