How come Scaler 2 makes every track play at the same time when I'm using the MIDI keyboard?


I add a Scaler 2 track, configure the chords and then do a MIDI capture to another virtual instrument. After that, I’m done with Scaler 2 so I disable the Scaler 2 track in Cubase. What I find odd, is every time I use Scaler 2 and do this, every new track I add afterwards, plays at the exact same time when I play on my midi keyboard. All midi inputs are set to all midi inputs but they are all playing together when I play the keyboard, even though I’m not selecting multiple tracks. What gives?

I’m not clear at all what you are saying here. You’ve captured the MIDI and placed it on a track with a virtual instrument. So that instrument is using MIDI that was generated in Scaler and Scaler is now turned off. But the tracks are playing the MIDI plus the notes you play on your keyboard? Do you have monitor turned on on those tracks?

Thanks for the response. Sort of. Basically after I use Scaler 2 in any capacity, ie opening it, all virtual instruments play at the same time when I play something on the keyboard. I’m not even talking about dragging midi into the tracks yet. Usually in Cubase, when I play something on the keyboard, I can only hear audio on the selected track, but after opening Scaler 2, all other tracks play the at the same time as if selected multiple ones.

Can you take a screen shot of your tracks? It sounds the the monitor button is active on the tracks.

Hi @esimone00

as @jamieh said, check if the monitoring is active on your track but also make sure your tracks are not set to receive the keyboard input directly.
It is possible your DAW is sending the MIDI notes from your keyboard to all the Scaler tracks even if they are not active. You probably want to send the MIDI signal only to the active track.

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Also check if the inputs for the tracks say All MIDI Inputs. I’ve had that through me off a couple times.

Ahh that was it! It was a simple matter of turning off the monitor button on the virtual instrument track once I was done with Scaler.

Thank you so much guys for your responses, this was driving me nuts!

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