How do i Achieve 3/4 Rhythm (waltz) in Scaler 2

How do i Achieve 3/4 Rhythm (waltz) in Scaler 2
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Wellcome MdAhmad
In Settings, try this:

In Edit, this, (you can try whith 3 and whith 1,5

I love the tempowaltz, but keep in mind that classically the waltz is always written in 3/4 while what it should sound is a 6/8 or 6/4
Keep this in mind when you want to transcribe your progressions from Scaler (and don’t forget to share your experiences)
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very interesting…
I was just thinking how to build a walzer song: Canzone per Scaler, allegro con moto
whose text is almost ready

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And of course there are 3/4 Expressions and you can use triplet feel quantisation and expressions too. Lots of options within scaler.

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Thanks Guys …I think Scaler Should add more 3/4 content or may be they can make convert all 4/4 into 3/4 as well this way it would become easy-to-use

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and support