How do I map chords to different keys on my usb (different from c2 upward)? Thank you for help!

Scaler has tons of features, but one thing I would like is to map chosen chords to keys lower than c2, which seems to be the default. Is there a way this can be done, so I can trigger chords with, say f1? Thanks for any help.


If I understand you correctly you can already do that in preferences under the gear icon on the upper right. Click on that and you can change the bind keys to white keys/white and black keys as well as octaves and semi-tones. I’d do a screen shot but I’m not at my computer at the moment. But I’ve answered this before and there is a thread in it.

I did some exploring in the preferences section under the gear icon. I guess I am stupid, but I just can’t figure out how to shift the bound keys (mapped keys on my usb that trigger chords in Scaler) from c2 to different keys…it seems like such a simple thing to do! Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks.

Thanks for the reply, my man! It only drops it an octave though right? I am working on a small-ish usb keyboard. I want to move the chord trigger keys to f1, not c1. Thanks for the help, though!

I think the good friends of Team Scaler thought precisely that we have 25-key keyboards when they default to C2 for chords.
In the same way that you can lower octaves, you can raise them and not only by octaves, but also by semitones. Run your tests right there until you find what interests you. Scaler will use that setting.

Hey! Sorry, I don’t understand. Is that a semitone adjustment I can make now, or an idea for Scaler’s future?

You can do it now. Look at the 2nd screen shot. You can choose octave or semi tone. He circled it in red.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I still only see an option to move up or down octaves. I will attach a screenshot. I don’t see the ST/OCT option that is shown in the screenshot he posted…

I notice he circled some option in the top right corner of his screen in Ableton (a pencil icon and a keyboard icon). I am using Reaper.

Not sure what you are seeing that looks like a pencil but the keyboard on the upper left has little arrows to move the VISIBLE keyboard up and down in view.
There are 2 selects in the preference for bind key range ST for semi-tone and OCT for octave -

Hi jamieh,
I see the ST option in your screenshots, but if you look at my screenshot, there is no ST/OCT option next to the the “BIND MIDI” menu option. How do I make that option appear? Do I need a newer version of Scaler? I am using Scaler 2.

If you click on the logo on the upper left the about screen will show up. You can see the version on the lower left of the screen. The latest version is 2.5. On yours the minus and plus sign should go up and down but I don’t remember the increments in that version.
Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 9.57.10 PM

Excellent! I updated to 2.5 and now I see the ST option. Thanks for your help!

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