How do I stop notes from playing on the 'release' of the keys?

I’m wondering if there’s a way I can change anything in Scaler 2 to where the notes are only played when I press the keys. At the moment they also ‘sound’ when I release the keys as well? I am hoping this makes sense as I am truly useless at trying to describe what I mean.

I’ve never had or heard of this issue. When I play a chord it only sounds when I press a pad not when I release it. Again it really helps to know what your setup is - DAW, Computer OS, Scaler version. How you have Scaler setup, etc.

Thanks for answering. I’m not really tech savvy so I guess noodling around may well eventually sort it. Thanks anyway.

Hey @yg7e8dfubhd

On a Windows machine with a Native Instruments keyboard, I always get notes when releasing keys …when these conditions are met:

  1. I am playing with a PERFORM mode turned ON (as in the image)
  2. I do NOT have keyboard binding turned on
  3. I am playing multiple keys (a chord) 1 key it rarely happens, 2 keys sometimes, 3 or more almost every release.

It also seems to vary on the type of PERFORM setting…but it is a consistent response.

I’ve not dug in any more than this but it is on my list.


I’ve laid off it for a while, it became annoying. I’m sadly blessed with little patience. I did notice that ‘Latch’ seems to cure it but it then acts similar to a sequencer and continues playing the notes. My brain hurts…

Yes, Latch and Play Quantize will stop or at least limit the “notes on release”. I suspect this is because both effectively align the key actions to the current beat thus disregarding the extra trigger(s)

Quick question…were you getting notes when PERFORM mode was not turned on?

Hope you brain is feeling better. :slight_smile:

lol. Yeah, a bit better thanks, taking the break has helped :slight_smile: I’ve not tried it with Perform turned off. I’ll give that a go as and when I get the chance and let you know. Thanks again.

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