How do you feel about this?

I listened to some songs and didn’t use chords as usual.
For example, a Hiphop song, G - Ab, Ab is not in G major, nor in parallel minor. Including other dorian, phrygian, lydian, etc. No Ab

And the song G-Dm-E-C-E
The E here isn’t in either, but it’s nice to use.

Perhaps it can be understood as a semitone progression.
What I mean is, can these non-existent notes be placed on the SCALER page, which will make it easier for everyone to click for inspiration.
I know I can add it myself, but it would be a waste of time.
The existence of SCALER is already convenient, but I always wish it was more convenient.
If it’s not difficult, I hope to add it one day. What do you think?
Expand this page, some commonly used chords appear below, so that you can click to get a unique progression.

I suddenly thought of the “Chord builder” dialog in BIAB

So do you want some kind of ‘custom scale’ option? Scaler can’t be exhaustive without taking a very large amount of room, I suspect, and where do you draw the boundary of what’s commonly used and not? I certainly agree it would be nice to find an easy way to go out of scale for a chord or two, and was wondering this in the context of something called ‘common tone’ I was reading about recently

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It’s better to list these chords like BIAB.
This makes it easier to click and create a lot of fresh inspiration.
It’s not my custom, but the official list itself, and now the list is limited.
I can also add it below myself now, but it is a bit troublesome to add each time. So, I’ve been looking forward to SCALER itself. Ha ha

Have you tried 'Generate Parallel Harmony in section C? This will give you semitone progressions.
Jul-31-2022 07-52-08

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I now have to add it myself every time. If I change the KEY, I have to add it again. Very waste of my time. This is not good, because the biggest benefit of SCALER should be to save time.
You pay attention to the chords contained in the chord dialog box of BIAB, which can basically satisfy the common chords of a song, and even many complex songs can be selected from these chords. This will be very helpful. Trust me, this will make SCALER more popular.
Of course, I don’t know programming, and I don’t know if it’s impossible or very complicated. I’m just from a user’s point of view and talk about the problems I’ve encountered. In short, I hope SCALER will get better and better.


I use C major as an example. Chords are often used in composition, and they all appear on one page, which is very easy to click.

If you want to make a seventh chord, click JAZZ, and it will become like this immediately, which is very convenient.

I know that all the chords in this picture can be found and added by yourself in SCALER. But every time I spend a lot of time.

Therefore, I strongly hope that the SCALER team can make a similar page, allowing us to click the pad more quickly and easily.

See if you can do it, I beg you, this is my biggest wish right now.

** biggest benefit of SCALER should be to save time**
I think most users would think the biggest benefit of Scaler is to aid their compositional process, not save time. I have not personally found selecting chords to be an issue in Scaler.

Those not familiar with Band in a Box (“BIAB”) should be aware that although it can generate a few ‘sing along’ songs, AFAIK it’s structure is entirely rigid around diatonic (in the broadest sense - TTSTTTS and rotations thereof) scales/ modes. The chords it exposes are essentially based on diatonic harmonisation, and there is no way to indicate a scale / mode for composition. This restriction is reflected in the standard chord builder window.

The word ‘pentatonic’ doesn’t even appear in the ‘help’ file. So the ‘solos’ and melodies it creates as standard won’t sit with (say) a Harmonic minor Dorian#4 mode.
Scaler does not have this limitation, and is far more flexible in its chord/scales associations


I knew very little about chords before using SCALER. SCALER saves me a lot of time, I mean the chord aspect.

I think this is very convenient, because I often need to add a lot of chords now, and it is not on one page, and sometimes even need to open two SCALERs. I wasted a lot of time on this. So, I have this request.