How doing solos when Scaler and/or Bitwig stuff don't work?

Hi pals

I love the Scaler’s Keys-Lock bottom options, and the Bitwig Harmonize tool because they allow me to produce cool solos… when they works

But there are situations where one or both, alone or together, refuse to collaborate, so how to take the rabbit out of the conjurer’s hat?

:grin: :rofl:

I hope that some Master can help me

Here is one sample:
I found a cool combination of Scaler and NI Sunburst that produces a riff called Zuccherini because it reminds a Zucchero Fornaciari tune :grinning:

Here is the state

Scaler-State.xml (25.3 KB)

and the Guitar used

NOTE: every time I close and reopen the Bitwig project, that damn KK GUI forgets the instrument & pattern used, that is disturbing and forces me to make a screenshot to retrieve my last choice :rage:

Then I added a suitable EZbass and EZdrummer patterns

Drums.mid (11.1 KB)

EZbass.mid (1.5 KB)

Then I duplicated the Scaler instance, synced, set it to play solo on Green-Keys and muted, but the notes played on another guitar and a Soundpaint flute were always out-of-scale :astonished:

I switched to Bitwig’s Harmonize, but the problem remained
I tried the Bitwig’s Key Filter and Transpose Map tools, but nothing worked

Any suggestion to have the damn solo?
(apart learning to play a guitar and a flute, that is not an option :grin:)

This sounds like a Bitwig issue. Does not happen to me but I have full Kontakt not the player. In any event here is a quick solution.
When you get your Kontakt set up the way you want - close the instrument window and RIGHT CLICK on the Bitwig instrument left sidebar —
Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 1.58.04 PM

Choose Save Preset to Library from the menu – Name and identify it as you want.
Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 1.57.50 PM
Next time you open the project if it didn’t load correct click on the left sidebar folder icon and load the saved instrument. All settings should be there. Should save you some time. You can do this for any of your instruments. Save them with your name as Creator and you can just load from the preset menu after typing your name and looking under presets.

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Thanks for the tip

googling, I found it happens with other DAWs also, that KK devs are aware of the issue and do nothing, as always, at the point I am starting to suspect they do nothing with the bowdlerized player, hoping that many more will buy the complete version :poop:

So now I have to think to a suitable naming for those preset names

The problem of impossible solos remain anyway
Yesterday I tried again with the Filter Grid, but no success so far

Why not name them for the preset you using? Sunburst Wanderlust, etc. or the project name, etc.

Maybe it’s useless :grinning:

I just found that the KK-Bitwig combo is not forgetful, but just defective

if you click on the button linked to the red arrow (2nd screen-shot), it seems forgetful

but if you click on the button linked to the yellow arrow, the last pattern jumps out

So, secondary problem solved, while the primary is still unsolved…
But tonight I’ll post a workaround

Well since you know that you could just avoid that button then. I still think saving a preset is a good idea as a safety copy in case something happens you can just reload. It’s standard practice instead of relying
on the DAW remembering. In any event you should do what you want.

Sure, I agree, the same applies to Scaler BTW
But quite often, after some jamming, I forget to save anything and I just close all

I can’t help with that.

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And Bitwig does not ask to save the project when quitting?
Reaper almost harasses me by asking :joy: , and makes an automatic backup every x minutes if anything changes.

I’ve never been able to quit without it asking.

Sure, HAL9000 asks me always to save its cards, but I refuse to save them
it’s dangerous

You should report them for mobbing

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