How functional is Scaler without an internet connection?

Or does it stay somewhat functional for a day or a few without a connection?

I am online for a long time while using Scaler; but I have also used it without being connected, and I have had no problems

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Not any reason to be connected online that I have seen.

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I am always offline, never experienced any drama.

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I don’t see where Scaler could or should use internet. There are no automatic updates, I did not see any validations of your copy while working with it and everything can work without connection.

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I can see where that question is coming from, e.g. Captain Plugins don’t work without live Internet connection, and it wasn’t obvious before purchase and they didn’t issue refund when that became obvious.

I can confirm too that Scaler does not need live Internet connection (if ever). With my shaky Internet connection in the garage I would have noticed :wink:

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Yes it’s Captain. They have the online requirement posted on their FAQ page. They emailed back in couples of hours. Quite clear I like it:

“An active internet connection is required to use Captain Plugins, the only exception - if you have no internet you can still playback audio but not edit or create new Chords, Melodies, Baselines or Drums. Basically internet is always needed to use Captain Plugins properly.”

That wasn’t there when I first bought it 2 years ago. I suspect people like me complaining about it motivated them to put the disclaimer more visibly out there :slight_smile:
There were also other issues with data collection transparency, data privacy, and suspicious traffic over the wire. I am done with them.

:slight_smile: Thanks to the elders who pave the way.

I fell for that trap too. Oh men. I have a Captain Chords license I hardly use.:confounded::smiling_imp: I should consider setting it up on the office computer.

Captain needs a very good Internet connection!! Knockout punch :confounded::fist_left:t6::clown_face: It failed on me multiple times.

That’s how I ended up with scaler, a much superior product!!:confetti_ball::tada::partying_face::hugs:

The world is very deceitful out there but even bad can be used for the good. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Scaler 1-0 Captain Cloud plugins!!

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