How good instruments should be made: open

I just found another simple and interesting way to build a piano part with Scaler and EzKeys

here is the picture

The Scaler Love Ballad is recorded in Section C, playing it manually
Then I drag the MIDI 5 times and I use the Ezkeys browser to set Intro, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus and Bridge in each Scaler’s MIDI
Job done!
A wonderful piano track in a breeze ready to be complemented with bass and drums

If all instruments plugin were developed this way, i.e. open!

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I see the picture, but where’s the sound?

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Rubberneck folk…

OK; here it is

At the end I selected a jazz/blues
but you can have 1 zillion of different sounds/styles with this super-simple procedure

Sings from his balcony and wonders why neighbors want an encore :stuck_out_tongue:

I have looked into EZKeys, but their product offering is confusing. I am not sure what the difference is between the different products. Are they all hard coded into particular instruments? Can it route MIDI in and out, so does it really matter what instrument I pick if I use my own VSTs for sound?

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yes, some time is needed to untangle

the have expansions and MIDIs

The first time, you buy 1 instrument at full price
The 2nd instrument (and beyond) costs less because they are expansions

For example, I bought EZkeys Studio Grand first, then the others below

And now I hope they do a Hammond because I love how easy is to move MIDIs from Scaler into them, and from them to anything else, not only EZdrums and EZbass

If you re-listen the song, you’ll hear another sound coming from their Dream Machine, + EZdrums and EZbass that were added in a breeze, because I drag & dropped the same MIDI everywhere

Can it route MIDI in and out?

I think so, but consider I am a newbie :wink:
I can say you can feed them with Scaler’s chords, and you can use their output to feed anything else: is it what you asked?

Yeah, it sounds like it an do it, the way you use it with Scaler. So other than the unique instrument sounds, what does it do that Scaler doesn’t do? Would it be worth it to get it on top of Scaler, or is it largely redundant (other than maybe a more skeuomorphic UI)

That is exactly what I’m wondering about as well. It seems to be a full VSTi (every note is sampled and not pitched as in Scaler), has more midi patterns to choose from and (that’s a biggie) users can create rhythmic patterns/expressions. It’s also abusively expensive :wink:

@Bernd and @lelek It all depends on the user

for me, i.e. a music ignoramus, and a people that hates complexities & hassles, Scaler + EZkeys + EXdrums + EZbass is perfect because I can create a proper series of chords in Scaler, then I just have to move them in the other plugins, and it’s done

BTW EZkeys has also the circle of fifth, but I find that Scaler is more useful because it suggests what to do :smile:

I believed expensive plugins were these

Not sure I can relate to this list. I got most of the plugins mentioned but paid far less than the prices quoted. For example, the Arturia VSTs cost far less as a bundle. I also think Falcon 2 is equally if not more powerful to Synthmaster, but I got it on sale for less than $300. I have half of the iZotope stuff for less than $100. I think the beauty in the software plugin business is that you have occasional sales/promos where you get stuff at bargain prices, if you’re not plagued with FOMO impatience :wink:

Still not sure what version/product of the EZkeys portfolio to get, though…

Why not just trying one for free?
It is always the best option

I like to gauge “cost” by averaging the expense of a plugin with the amount of sounds I can make (or come with it). For example, I probably put down some $2k totally for the NI Komplete suite, but I ended up having over 300k presets from over 100 instruments to play with. So $2000/100 = $20/instrument, $2000/300,000= .6c / preset (compare that to the cost of soundbanks sold). Let alone how much all this stuff would cost me in hardware (on top of the power bill and clogging up my limited living space). How was that saying, to distinguish between “cost” and “value”?

well, plugins as ezkeys are very light for any old office Dell like mine…

And they do discounts sometimes
I acquired the Dream Machine and the Mellotron at about half the price

Ha ha, how very machiavellic of you - if I install it, I’ll want it :rofl:

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I never believed one can acquire plugins this way
:thinking: :crazy_face: :rofl:

too bad I am unable to make zillions of presets
I could become very rich very fast with you

Here is how much hardware resources are sucked with Ableton Live 11, Scaler and the 3 Toontrack plugins

not so much for modern muscular computers that you certainly have

Yup, there’s a whole industry around making/selling presets. Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) has a software side too :wink:

Still, considering that some people casually buy individual hardware synths for $600 and up, one-trick ponies at that, I think the software bang for the buck is more economic.