[How?] Play/Preview/Sync Entire Chord Phrase of Each Chord

When a chord Phrase is selected, then playing/previewing the chord progression within Scaler in Section C or syncing to e.g. the Studio One DAW, each chord in the chord progression in Scaler only plays the first 2 notes of the chord phrase before proceeding to the next chord and so on.

I want to play the ENTIRE chord phrase length of each chord of the chord progression within Scaler as an instrument for the track WITHOUT creating then dragging the MIDI via MIDI Capture.


Currently, the only way I’ve found to hear the complete chord phrase is to click the chord long enough OR play on the keyboard and then MIDI Capture then drag out the MIDI to the DAW.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sailor22,

you can define the duration of each chord in the Settings Menu:

If you wish to have more control you can also use the dedicated Playback Timings section which allows you to set a duration per chord:

Thanks much @Ed1! I will give it a whirl.

Much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ed1Both of your suggestions worked BEAUTIFULLY!

Consider this thread SOLVED…

Thank you!