How the Italians really design their engines...with a drum machine 1st

Ferrari Colombo/Lampredi 60º V12 firing order audiovisual demonstration 1 9 5 12 3 8 6 10 2 7 4 11 - YouTube

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Fascinating !

It’s reminiscent of the Napier Deltic diesel locomotive engines, wihich had an unusual 18 cylinder triple opposing cylinder design in a triangle. See an animated gif at Napier Deltic - Wikipedia

[To avoid @Bernd jumping in to remind me this design was first used Germany, the Junkers Jumo 205 had such a design (but not quite a complex as the Deltic) in the 1930’s :grinning: ]

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Interesting although this is more like how the Italians design their cars! A 12 minute watch but just brilliant.

1987: Lamborghini - YouTube


very cool. i like these video

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My favorite car of all times, Lamborghini Miura. I own three of them…Reduced models :joy:

In the beginning of the 70’s, i saw one, a beautiful red Miura :heart:, just a few meters from me and fell in love.
I’ve also seen a silver Lambo Marzal, just in front of my building. Never found who was the owner, but it looks this model was only a prototype. Since then, Lamborghini is my favorite car company. btw, i dont drive nor have a permit :grinning:

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I think I was born in the wrong country…

I love the public transport (reliable, not alway late like in Italy) and this is why I loved The Netherland and Belgium vacation

If I lived in a country full of cycle lanes, I would have acquired this “car” for winter, and a common bicycle for the rest of the year

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Oh, @ClaudioPorcellana, I thought you might aspire to a Ducati Superleggera for the summer (Ducati are a subsidiary of Lambo) and a Lambo Aventador for the winter - the dream team, surely of every Italian ?

And you want to get on a bus ??? Where’s the spirit of that clubbing youth ? :smiley: :smiley:

PS1: I spent a life commuting to Central London with the masses, so public transport doesn’t do it for me.

PS2 : When I retired, I was determined to buy a really, really ballsy superbike, but Mrs Yorkeman put her foot down (on my neck).

I am with you @ClaudioPorcellana , I was also born in the wrong country.

One of the key policy issues at stake in this year’s federal elections in Germany is whether to impose a 130km/h speed limit on German Autobahns. Imposing a speed limit on German motorists is as if to pass gun control on Americans, except “the right to speed” is not enshrined in the German constitution.

That’s because of the cars. Their BMW 7 series would stall at 50mph. I always drove (nice) German cars and I never had a one not start in the morning and have never called out rescue services. [Of course, any low end Japanese or Korean car will have better gizmos fitted as standard than a normal German business-mobile, so they were quite utilitarian unless you splashed a fortune for extras.].

I should add for clarity (to prevent having to do another embarrassed exit from the board for a while) that my comment to @ClaudioPorcellana was entirely in jest.

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All part of a German conglomerate.

Modern German carmakers grow by acquisition, outsourcing, lobbying, and fraud (Dieselgate) these days.

an urban bus in a low density-car city is perfectly fine
But I mostly love trains

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I think I reached this speed just once in my life, and for a few minutes
using this car

The recoil was a surge of adrenalin indeed, but I’ve always disliked speed with any means of transport; bicycle, bike, car, and also skiing, hiking, etc

Indeed, but having visited various tracks in Italy for MotoGP racing, I got the impression that every Italian bike fan chooses to ignore that fact :wink:

However, it was nice to see your link to a Brit company …

My commute was between 19 mile and 24 miles, depending on destination. The morning commute looked like this (pre COVID)

However, I have ridden a lot of trains in Bavaria and Switzerland, and always found them a great way to travel … but commuting by train sucks.