How the Scaler and Captain plugins work together

I remember a friend here also using the Captain plugin. How did you use it with SCALER?
I want SCALER to play chords, but can’t seem to start CAPTAIN DEEP.
That is to say, CAPTAIN CHORD can only write chords inside the CAPTIAIN plug-in.
However, there are still more choices in the CAPTAIN plug-in, depending on the music style.

Hi @swingmix

A quick search of the forum using the word CAPTAIN has found this thread.

As you will see that it is impossible to link SCALER with CAPTAIN plug-ins. The only way to use the two together is to export midi from SCALER and import it into CAPTAIN CHORDS. This is a limitation of CAPTAIN plug-ins.

NB Rember that if you are using Ableton Live you will have to export the midi clip from Ableton Live before importing it into CAPTAIN CHORDS, as Ableton Live clips are not actually midi clips.

I have come out of (very) occasional lurk [In fact, the first time since it fell apart] and posting just to note for @ed66 that it appears that Captain Chords Epic v6 (new) will now link to Scaler.

So here’s my Cantabile set up, sending Captain midi out to Scaler

Then muting Captain audio under the VST tab and outputting midi

Scaler will then detect the Captain midi chords as played

I think this maybe only works with ‘Epic’.

What’s new . @ed66 ? I’ve been away from the board … PM me ?

I stand corrected on this.

Is there a video. The DAW I use is STUDIO ONE

Just to clarify @swingmix do you want to

  1. create a pattern in Captain Chords and then use the midi output from Captain Chords to input into Scaler, or
  2. create a pattern in Scaler and use this pattern in Captain plug-ins?