How to audition chords using pads from controller (Midi Learn Option?)

Trying to figure out if there is a midi learn feature to audition chords using a set of pads from my Push 2? Is there a way I can queue chords using anything other than a mouse. Trying to close out from having Scaler open and lust have them map or “auto-map” to my controller.

Check this thread: Using a Push 2 for Scaler Pad view

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Can’t you map the note that Push assigns to it’s pad? From the videos I’ve seen it looks like you can have a C scale assigned to the pads in any order you want. Wouldn’t that do it? C2 in one corner and the scale across. That would be the only way at the moment as there is no MIDI learn. Push looks like it is very versatile in how you assign the pads.