How to change key/scale during song

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Not sure if this has already been covered, but…

So, I’m really enjoying Scaler, and especially locking incoming notes to a particular key/scale. However, in one particular song I’d like to change key and scale. Now, for most VSTs, this would be as simple as automating a parameter. However, I can’t seem to find how to do that in Scaler 2. The only way I can do this currently, is to have 2 separate instances of Scaler running - one for one key/scale and one for the other. That’s not really ideal.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

PS - if this is something that can’t be done, then it should definitely be put on the Scaler 3 wishlist :slight_smile:

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Hi @trapa , and welcome to the Scaler community!

The recent release of Scaler (version 2.4) has added the ability to assign MIDI control paramters (CC) to Scales, and Performances. You simply right click on the select Scale or the “Performance” text, and you’ll get the CC mapping menu. Then you just move the controller knob/button/fade that you want to assign. Then record your performance in the DAW (with automations) and twea the MIDI controller as you play, and as you wish to change the scales during your performance. You can find this feature described in the Scaler 2.4 manual on pages 21-22. Also check out Davide’s latest video where he introduces Scaler 2.4’s new features.

@Bernd Thanks… I saw the video and everything is clear now. Looking forward to using this new ability! Thanks again.

Hello, is it possible to assign the actual keys on a midi keyboard to change performances ect, in real time? There’s no mention of this in the videos. When I use the knobs/buttons/faders on my Axiom 49 keyboard I can save one performance and when I try and save a different performance it says that the controller is already assigned whichever controller I try to save to. Thanks