How to change the duration of a single chord but still have it go with a 4/4 time


This is one of the hardest things to explain but I’ll do my best. My song tempo is at 75bpm and I’m in 4/4.

In the settings I the chord duration set to 1 beat and then for my 8 chords, I have them all set to 4x duration. But I gave one chord a 3x duration with it repeating once, but the problem is, after that chord hits, the next chords takes way to long to come in. How can I fix that. Everything sounds perfect until the chord after the repeating chord. Please see screenshot.

What do you have you global beats set to under the gear on the upper right?
Here I have it set for 4 beats so that means with 1 repeat that is 1 measure of 4/4 time.

I my example here The first chord plays one measure, the 2nd plays 2 measures, next 1 measure and next 2 measures. If you have global set to 1 beat (just a guess based on your timings) that means your 5th chord is playing 3/4 X 2 or 6 beats. Is that what you want?

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